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Junior Golf

for all skill levels

Year-Round Coaching

Coach Blackwelder offers individual and group coaching programs and value packages for all skill levels; from the young or teen-age beginner to the young or teen-age competitive player.  All coaching is done with long term growth in mind, and in a patient manner.


Skill Levels:


Level 1 Programs (Clinics and Camps): are designed to build the basic foundation for enjoying golf for a lifetime.  Topics addressed are full-swing, putting, and short-game: grip, set-up, balance, rhythm, tempo, club-face control, and speed. 

Level 2:  Programs (Supervised Practice and Camps) are designed to develop juniors who have some experience, and help them learn to prepare for tournament competition.  These programs are ideal for juniors interested in participating in local, state, and national junior tours, middle school and high school teams, and who want to understand the college golf recruiting process.  These programs are designed for intermediate and advanced players.

Coaching Programs




All Skill Levels



Level 1



Level 1



Level 2



Level 2

High Performance Golf

Classes are conducted in the fully heated HP Golf Academy Teaching Studio and outdoors on the adjacent covered and heated Range Pavilion.   Garage doors will be up most days and we will utilize the facilities' indoor heating units.  On days where the temperature is below 20, we will keep the doors down and hit into the nets.  In both circumstances juniors will spend some time inside in the studio and outside on the porch at their own discretion.

Activities and Philosophy

Students will work on swing fundamentals such as putting, pitching, grip, set-up, swing-plane, footwork, balance. and speed.  

Mastering golf skills is a lengthy process that requires patience.  Each Session is designed to prepare juniors to play golf for a lifetime and be ready for tournament competition.  The skills training they do today, will create lasting performance gains in 6 months as the player "owns" the skill, and no longer has "to think" about learning new movement patterns.  Confidence is earned through repetition on the range, putting green, and by playing on the course.  Student and coach work together to identify the language that produces the best "feel" for each individual.

Tools and Technology

Mach 3 Speed Training

Students training with Jet Stick and Speed Bomber.

Group Instruction is designed to accommodate up to 9 players.  Program curriculum is developed to engage and challenge juniors with skill-level appropriate activities that enhance learning.            



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