of coaches has over 100 years of experience in championship golf.  This championship level experience informs our coaching to benefit all levels of students; male and female, young and old, from the preschooler to the adult beginner, from the retiree to the elite level competitive player and everyone in between.

​Ultimately, each student must take 100% of the credit for their achievements, because it is he or she who put in the time necessary to acquire new skills that lead to improvement.  The coach merely sets the stage for learning and works to match each individual's learning style and goals to training periods, supervised practices, and on-course experiences that are aimed for success. 


We also help the student and their family prepare to embrace the struggle and imperfections of the sport along the way.

We offer a full service menu of player development options to help all skill levels play better golf:

  • Private Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • On-course Coaching

  • Caddie & Tournament Preparation Services


We specialize in year-round or seasonal coaching programs for juniors and adults

Myles Blackwelder, Myra Blackwelder, Worth Blackwelder, Mallory Blackwelder Trudeau, Julien Trudeau


Family of the Year

Honors a family for its contributions to the game, and for representing the virtues and ideals of golf and family presented by the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association

Presented to the Blackwelder Family in 2014


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain

Myra and Mallory Blackwelder - Symetra Tour ChampIonship 2015

Myra and Mallory Blackwelder - LPGA Tour 1989

Blackwelder Golf Junior Program 2021


Training Periods Year-Round

Supervised Practice and Clinic Program


9 Week Semesters


Classes Offered on Sunday and Monday


  • Winter        January 3/4 - March 7/8    

  • Spring        March 14/15 - June 6/7

  • Summer     June - July - August TBA

  • Fall 1           August - September - October TBA

  • Fall 2          October 17/18 - December 12/13




Mini-Camps for Varsity Level Juniors

Mini-Camps for Junior Varsity Level Juniors

Mini-Camps for Women - Coming Soon

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Youth On Course

What we do

Golf teaches important social, mental, and physical skills and each round is filled with learning potential. Providing youth with access to affordable golf is the core of what we do. Youth on Course members can play golf at over 1,300 participating courses for $5 or less.