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​presented by High Performance Golf Academy & Champions Trace Golf Club


This after-school program is geared for intermediate and advanced juniors who are preparing for junior tours or middle school and high school golf.  Class sessions are designed to help the junior improve through fundamentals instruction, disciplined pre-shot routine, self-awareness and feel, and personalized drills to automatize the learning process.  

Class Format:

The class format is a unique combination of group discussion, skills clinic, supervised practice, speed training, and short-game activities (weather permitting).   The goal of each class is to set up a positive learning environment, and all class components are designed to help  juniors gain skill, have fun, prepare for tournament competition, or become a life long, proficient golfer.  


Classes are conducted in the fully heated HP Golf Academy Teaching Studio and outdoors on the adjacent covered and heated Range Pavilion.   Garage doors will be up on days where the temperature is above 40 degrees and we will utilize the facilities' indoor heating units.  On days where the temperature is below 40, we will keep the doors down and hit into the nets.  In both circumstances juniors will spend some time inside in the studio and outside on the porch at their own discretion.


Class Activities:

Students will work on swing fundamentals such as putting, pitching, grip, set-up, swing-plane, footwork, balance. and speed.  

  • Students will be trained to use Mach 3 Speed Training tools; Speed Bombers and Jet Sticks. (More info here).

  • Students will be trained to use the MEVO - Flight Scope personal launch monitor device with data collection, video capture, and drawing tools.  At the beginning of each class students will pair their phone or ipad to a MEVO device that will record their swing videos and collect data that will be saved online in the student's locker accessed through the MEVO app.  (More info here).

  • Students will be trained to use the Blast Motion sensor that collects data about their putting stroke, and provides a pathway to better putting results. (More info here).

  • Students will study swing videos of the world's greatest players to observe their solid swing fundamentals.


Mastering golf skills is a lengthy process that requires patience.  Each Session of 9 classes is designed to prepare juniors to play golf for a lifetime and be ready for tournament competition.  The skills training they do today, will create lasting performance gains in 6 months as the player "owns" the skill, and no longer has "to think" about learning new movement patterns.  Confidence is earned through repetition on the range, putting green, and by playing on the course.  Student and coach work together to identify the language that produces the best "feel" for each individual.

Class Size: 8


Winter 2020 Early Bird: 4:00-4:55pm    Full

Winter 2020 Twilight: 5:00-5:55pm (2 spots open)

Winter 2020 Evening: 6:00-6:55pm (4 spots open)

Schedule of 9-classes / Winter 2020 Session on Monday afternoons

January 6, 13, 27

February 3, 10, 17, 24

March 2, 9

Tentative Schedule of 9-classes / Spring 2020 Session on Monday afternoons

March 16, 23

April 13, 20, 27

May 4, 11, 18

June 1

Program Location:

HP Golf Academy at Keene Run Golf Course

5600 Harrodsburg Road

Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

Fees: Session Discount - 9 classes / session

  • $255 check-cash discount / $270 credit card

  • Private Lesson Package Subscribers: 3 Units

  • 2nd and more siblings $190 check-cash discount / $200 credit car

Fees: Per 1 Class  / Based upon space available

  • $40 check-cash discount / $45 credit card

Sign Up


Text to 859.317.1042 -


  • Sign Me Up for the Monday Supervised Practice Program

  • Name and age of junior

  • Parent/Guardian/Responsible Parties Name / email address / cell numbers

  • Method of Payment:  Check-Cash discount due first day of class

  • Method of Payment: Credit Card charged first day of clas

​NOW is the perfect time to enroll your favorite junior golfer in the upcoming supervised practice program to get ready for 2020.  This program pairs well with private coaching.

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