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Are you ready to play better?

Hello!   Our team has over 100 years of experience playing competitive golf, coaching, caddying, and helping people play better golf.  We strive to create an enjoyable, stress-free environment that maximizes the learning process.  


Our diverse golf experience ​informs our commitment to deliver high quality instruction to you; in easy to understand language, and in a patient tone.  This approach fosters an atmosphere that promotes the development of motor and mental skills necessary to improve your game; from full-swing, to short game, to on-course instruction.


Early on, we help each student pinpoint short-term goals and lay out a strategy to help you meet them within a defined training period. 


Additionally, we will help you develop a practice plan that fits within your lifestyle and is designed to build confidence. We use creativity and insight to develop personalized drills and games that will make your practice fun and productive. 


Our coaching strategy is simple; we will help you develop the tools you will need to play your best golf.

Private Instruction Options

Worth Blackwelder
Myra Blackwelder
Mallory Blackwelder Trudeau

4% administration fee will be added to credit card purchases

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