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Custom Golf Schools

​presented by High Performance Golf Academy & Keene Trace Golf Club

Custom Golf Schools are a unique combination of skills clinics and supervised practice designed to help beginners, intermediate and advanced players gain skill, have fun, and network with friends, business associates, or family.


Curriculum :

Each Custom Golf School can be designed to address one or more specific topic from the following menu:

  • Chipping and Pitching inside 20 yards - Champions Trace Golf Club

  • Sand and Lob Shots - Champions Trace Golf Club

  • Putting - Keene Run Golf Club

  • Fairway bunkers - Keene Run Golf Club

  • Distance Control Wedges: (30-60 yards) - Keene Run Golf Club

Class Size: You determine to fit your needs and budget

Lead Instructor: Myra Blackwelder


Assistants: Worth or Mallory Blackwelder

Price:  Negotiable

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